A glorious story, both on paper and in practice.

Sheet Glory‘s vision is focused on tackling global challenges like climate change, lack of resources, food deserts.

Our mission is to empower people to take care of their life and of the environment.

Using zero plastic and chemicals, we strive to give you the cleanest sheet of paper to write a new green story and save the future generations.

Why are we the crowning glory of paper?

Are you after a sustainably made product that helped reduce waste, encouraged conscious shopping and supported people struggling worldwide?

If you are, look no further.

We ship our 100% bamboo toilet paper in a plastic-free, biodegradable packaging.

What’s more sustainable than that?

Perhaps a company that donates 50% of its profits to for restoring forests damaged by bushfires in Australia, USA & the Amazon…

Oh, it happens to be us again!

Bamboo toilet paper in all its glory

Standard toilet paper is a tree serial killer. Its production causes 27,000 green casualties every day. And you can’t even recycle it!

But it gets worse than that.

Just think that you’ll have to wait over 30 years for a new tree to be ready for paper making.

By leveraging the supernatural properties of bamboo, we’re cutting down this deadly trend while keeping the Earth’s lungs upright.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you the superpowers of our glorious creation.

A safe bet

Thanks to the lack of dyes, scents and BPA and to bamboo natural anti-bacterial properties, your skin won’t run any health risk.

On top of that, our product’s biodegradability prevents any clogging of your toilet.

A sustainable rising star

While it takes a third of your lifetime (if you’re lucky) for a tree to be up and running, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet.

At a whopping speed of 3ft/24 hours, bamboo crosses the maturity line within 6 years or less.

This record-breaking grass can be harvested once a year and doesn’t need to be replanted.

In one word, it’s renewable!

A forest-friendly champion

Our bamboo is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and needs 30% less water than hardwood trees.

Also, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen in the air compared to other trees.

The result of that?

An acre of bamboo can remove ca. 25 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. That’s as much as you emit when driving your car for over 60,000 miles!

A double-faced high-quality material

Bamboo fibers make our toilet paper much softer than products made from recycled paper and wood fibers. On the other hand, this magic grass has got a higher tensile strength than many steel alloys!

Sheet Glory invests years in formulating and market testing every product to deliver you a supreme quality.

Put on your bamboo cape and become a forest-saving superhero!

Roll on our toilet paper revolution to make a real difference!

Let's wipe away deforestation together!

The Sheet Glory Team