Why You Need To Get On The bamboo Toilet Paper Bandwagon

Why You Need To Get On The bamboo Toilet Paper Bandwagon

If you’re still rolling around on a tree-fuelled toilet paper carriage, you should read this article.

Our renewables-powered bamboo toilet paper bandwagon is ready to set off.

Ready to embark on a sustainable journey to Bambooland?

The Unsustainable World Of Virgin Toilet Paper 

Our bandwagon’s first stop is a toilet paper museum. 

Here we’ll find out what toilet paper is made of.

The answer is obvious: Paper. 

But what does that mean? 

Wood, or in other words trees, when we talk about virgin toilet rolls. 

And that comes with a huge cost for the planet: 27,000. 

Dollars? Nope, the “currency” is based on the number of trees cut down daily worldwide in 2010 and converted into toilet tissue.

You may see why virgin toilet paper accounts for 15% of global deforestation, thus fuelling climate change.

Based on 2019 estimates, American consumers don’t seem to appreciate that, as they still go through 141 rolls of virgin paper every year on average.

This tree-to-toilet model is clearly not sustainable. 

On top of that, the pulping process—which is how virgin toilet paper is made—consumes a lot of energy and water besides using nasty chemicals. 

As for bamboo tissue, pulping is greener as it requires less harsh chemicals which are often reused several times.

No Waste On The Horizon

Our trip goes on exploring the new frontier of zero waste toilet paper.

If you want to go 100% zero waste, there are some alternatives to buying toilet paper. 

While bidet is not very common in the US, you can use it to wash yourself. Bidet is supposed to be more eco-friendly than toilet paper. Though, you may be put off by the cost. Or the extra space it would take up in your bathroom once you fit it. 

Alternatively, you could go for reusable toilet paper, a.k.a. family cloth. Basically, you wipe yourself with it, wash it and reuse it. Some of you may turn up their nose because of the ick factor. And we can’t blame you as its hygiene standard is indeed arguable.

We understand if you’re not ready for any of these. It may take time to get familiar with them (some of you may never do). Also, let’s face it. It’s hard to give up on the softness and practicality of toilet tissue.

So, if you want to stay in your comfort paper zone, bamboo tissue is the closest you can get to a zero waste toilet paper.

Why’s that?

First, it’s the only type of toilet paper that is truly tree-free.

While recycled toilet rolls are made from post-consumer waste paper (e.g. receipts), that paper originally causes some trees to be cut down. Also, the scrap paper-based fibres will degrade after 7 cycles.

Instead, bamboo is a renewable grass that grows as fast as 1 meter/day and can be harvested once a year. That’s why bamboo toilet paper is better than recycled rolls when it comes to waste reduction.

But you need to consider wrapping as well. The worst-case scenario is when toilet paper comes in a plastic packaging that is not recyclable. You want to roll away from that.

We’re proud to share that our bamboo toilet paper comes in a glorious plastic-free and biodegradable packaging.

The Chemistry Lab 

We call in a lab on our way to finish off our tour with a brief chemistry lesson.  

Yes, because bamboo toilet paper is not only the most eco-friendly tissue you can get, but it’s also the healthiest.

How come?

First, raw bamboo has got natural antibacterial properties that are often retained within its fibres after mild processing. That means bamboo tissue may shield your skin from infections.

Also, you won’t find any trace of bisphenol-A (BPA) in bamboo tissues. BPA is a chemical found in recycled toilet paper that can alter your hormones balance and may cause you to get sick.

Finally, unlike virgin and recycled paper, bamboo fibres don’t need harsh bleaching to become soft, thus giving you a cleaner bath tissue.

The End Of The Low-carbon Journey

Here we are. We can see the renewable light at the end of the tree-greedy tunnel.

Hope you enjoyed the ride and realised the benefits of switching to bamboo rolls.

It’s time to drop off for a minute just to stock up on your tree-free toilet paper.