The Benefits of Using Kitchen Towels to Get your Home Clean

The Benefits of Using Kitchen Towels to Get your Home Clean

Are you wondering what’s the best tool you should use for cleaning up your place?

Turn your vacuum off, make yourself a cuppa, and read this article.

We got the answer you’ve been looking for: Kitchen towels.

Why’s that?

Keep sc-rolling to find out!

A killer germs repellent

Safety first, right?

Well, home healthcare is one of the major benefits of cleaning up your house with single-use kitchen paper towels.

But reusable cloths reduce waste...

While that’s true, disposable kitchen paper towels are way safer.

How come?

When leaving kitchen hand towels or bath cloths around your house, they’ll become riddled with food and even fecal bacteria. 

If that sounds gross, wait to hear more…

Your households and guests may use those cloths and turn into a bacteria-carrying zombie wandering about your flat.

We can see your eyes widening…

But we’re not trying to scare you with some kind of Halloween tricks. 

That’s just what experts are saying

And, anyway, better scared than sorry!

Even if you’re careful about the way you wash and store kitchen hand towels and other reusable cloths, there are still high chances to spread diseases around your house. 

And you don’t want to run any risk when you hear nasty names like cholera, typhoid, or hepatitis.

But fear not.

Disposable kitchen towels are coming to the rescue.

By switching to them, you’ll switch off the health alarm. 

Also, if you want to maximize your home’s resilience against germs, your best bet is to go for bamboo kitchen towels

That’s because bamboo is a natural antibacterial fighter. In some cases, bamboo fibres used to make kitchen towels keep the raw material’s germ repellent properties.

Instead, stay away from recycled paper towels as they could be another bacteria hot spot. Containing starch, waste paper is a delicious treat for microorganisms to feast on.

A sweet spillage buster

Your son or flatmate has spilt milk on the floor again? Or perhaps you need to rent a boat to sail through your bathroom?

We’ve all been there.

Though, who you gonna call?

Don’t waste your time with napkins, tissues, or even toilet paper.

Kitchen towels are the king of soaking up.

So, what’s the secret behind that?

It’s just about the way they’re made.

First, paper’s main ingredient is cellulose, which is basically a sugar. Well, like many of us, water likes sugar too and will stick with cellulose fibers.

But what makes towels more sugary than other paper products? 

It’s also a matter of space. 

When crafting kitchen towels, designers use two techniques to make up more room for water to fill in.

In the first one, called creeping, they use a blade to change the way the cellulose fibers are linked. Doing so, they create a bit of space between the fibers where the water sneak into.

When applying the second process, named embossing, you carve a raised pattern out of the flat paper surface. Thanks to this smart design, the paper gains more room to hold water.

The result of this?

No escape for liquid spillages!

Pro tip 1: A thicker paper towel will supercharge its soaking power as there will be more cellulose fibers capturing water.

Pro tip 2: Folding your paper towel will boost its absorption capacity even more. No magic tricks, just science. When stacking two layers of paper, you’ll create a little pool between them where you can store more water.

A clean house for a clean planet

Cleaning up your home shouldn’t mess up with everybody else’s. 

Nope, we don’t mean your dirty neighbour.

We just referred to the entire world, in other words, the planet.

Yep, because the way you keep your place nice & tidy may hurt the environment.

How’s that?

For instance, some of you may rely on reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning. Which works well. Except that, whenever you wash those, you’ll flood the oceans with microplastics. These can kill marine wildlife and cause serious troubles to humans as well.

You would argue you could go for cotton kitchen hand towel instead…

While being plastic-free, a cotton cloth drinks up 500 times more water than a paper tissue. And you know, climate change will make water become a luxury. So, better not to waste much of it. 

Ok, what about linen?

That’s not bad. However, making a linen cloth still releases 10 times more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than producing a paper towel.

So, which is the most eco-friendly paper option?

Definitely not regular paper kitchen towels, as they fuel deforestation.

Recycled paper towels are much better for the planet. Every ton of paper that gets recycled will save 3 yd3 of landfill space, 30,000 L of water and up to 4,000 kWh of electricity.

Though, the best kitchen towels for the environment are by far reusable bamboo tissues.

Wondering why?

Besides being an antibacterial warrior, bamboo is a champion of sustainability. It ticks all the tree-free boxes:

Finally, unlike single-use bamboo kitchen towels, you have the bonus of reducing waste paper.


Right, now you know why you should always keep kitchen towels within reach when sorting out your place.

You’ll have a healthy & spillage-free home without polluting the Earth.

Ready to do some green clean-up?