Myths about Bamboo Toilet Paper Debunked!

Myths about Bamboo Toilet Paper Debunked!

Are you using bamboo toilet paper yet? If you are then you know just what a big difference you’re making to the environment, and at not much cost to you either. 

But if you aren’t using bamboo toilet paper, you need to read further. We debunk a few myths about bamboo toilet paper here. 

1. Bamboo toilet paper is not as strong as normal toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper is as strong as normal toilet paper, maybe even stronger. Toilet paper made of virgin trees is quite feeble. Considering this fact, this myth baffles us. Toilet paper made of bamboo is strong and of the ideal strength needed for its use. 

Bamboo toilet paper is more durable than normal toilet paper. 

2. Bamboo toilet paper is not soft

Bamboo in itself is not soft. But when you make paper out of it, it becomes soft and ideal for use. Bamboo products such as paper, sheets, towels, and clothing are flying off the shelves. The quality and texture of bamboo products are as good as any other product. 

The fact is that bamboo becomes soft after processing and does not cause any texture-related problems. 

3. Bamboo toilet paper takes more chemicals to manufacture

Bamboo toilet paper does not take more chemicals to manufacture. In fact, toilet paper made from virgin trees takes more chemicals to turn it into something usable. Bamboo requires fewer dyes and chemicals. Bamboo toilet paper requires more processing to turn it completely white. Our beautiful bamboo paper is not completely white because it is made with minimum chemicals. Moreover, bamboo doesn't require pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to grow, which saves the environment a lot of chemicals.

4. Bamboo toilet paper clogs toilets

Did you know that bamboo toilet paper breaks down faster than normal toilet paper? It breaks down faster than even recycled toilet paper. Bamboo has shorter fibers in the paper that break down faster than other toilet paper. Besides bamboo toilet paper will break down completely in the sewers and sewage system. It will leave no trace that it even existed in the first place. Bamboo toilet paper will never, ever clog your toilets. Wonderful, isn’t it?

5. All eco-friendly toilet papers are the same
eco friendly papers

Imagine chopping down acres of decades-old trees, then chemically processing them adding a world of impurities into the environment, only to flush it all down the toilet. If this isn’t horrifying, we don’t know what is. 

While there are many products claiming to be eco-friendly in the market, bamboo toilet paper is the only one that makes the mark. 

6. Bamboo toilet paper is not as green as it seems

Bamboo products are the greenest products compared to any other product. It grows fast and takes very little water and chemicals to grow. It can also grow in all weathers, especially in temperate climates like in Asia. 

Maple and oak trees, of which toilet paper is made, take around 30 years to grow. Bamboo takes only around 5 weeks to mature and grow up to 90 feet. It does not need to be planted again. It is simply cut from the stump and allowed to grow again. It is nothing short of a miracle. Another reason bamboo is green is that it is grass and not a tree. 

It is found mostly in Asian countries, especially China.  

7. Bamboo toilet paper does not combat climate change

Americans alone use 37,000 toilet paper rolls a day. Switching to bamboo toilet paper rolls alone can make a huge difference to the ecosystem. It can help to save the environment and reduce pollution. Bamboo plants can filter out three times as much carbon dioxide as regular trees. On top of this, they produce 35% more oxygen than normal trees. 

There is no such plant like bamboo. The multipurpose grass can be made into anything with just a little innovation. How does it not combat climate change? Think for yourself!

8. Bamboo toilet paper is not beneficial to health

Here is a lesser-known fact about using bamboo products. Bamboo is beneficial to health as well. 

Bamboo is antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means that bamboo gets rid of harmful microorganisms, a quality that’s unique to the bamboo plant. 

The fibers in bamboo that are used to make toilet paper are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and odor resistant. Bamboo toilet paper is perfect for your skin, especially sensitive areas. You can use bamboo toilet paper for children too. 

9. Changing to bamboo toilet paper is tough

We often find it tough to change our habits, and changing toilet paper might be one of them. However, bamboo toilet paper feels no different from regular toilet paper. 

Besides, the advantages of using bamboo toilet paper are so many that there really is no reason not to change. It will not only help the environment but also you. It is the easiest step if you want to go green. 

You don’t need to worry about availability either. Just place an order with us and we’ll deliver your bamboo toilet paper right to your doorstep. You can schedule delivery weekly, biweekly or monthly. 

10. Bamboo toilet paper is not absorbent
Bamboo toilet paper

We have already established that bamboo toilet paper is extremely soft on the skin. It is safe to say that it is also very absorbent. The fibers of bamboo go through an extensive soaking process that makes them soft and absorbent. This creates an extra soft product that can be used for any purpose that regular paper can be, only softer and more absorbent. Try it for yourself! 

The Bottom Line

“Bamboo products are bad,” said no one ever. There is no reason for you to say it either. If you don’t believe us, try our products for yourself and see. We make sustainability more accessible. Don’t worry about running out of toilet paper either. We will refill your toilet paper every 3 months. 

Our bamboo toilet paper comes in enticing packaging made of recycled paper. We offer free shipping on all orders above $30. 

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