Buying Toilet Paper Online or In Store - All You Need To Know

Do you look for names and labels when buying toilet papers? Well, the majority of people worry more about having a roll handy rather than the label on the roll.

But let’s clear one thing first - all toilet rolls are not created equal! 

Cheap and poor quality toilet paper tends to feel rough and falls apart easily while using. It may even clog your pipes causing a septic nightmare. 

So, unless you want to literally throw your hard-earned money down the flush, we suggest you keep reading our detailed toilet paper buying guide. In this post we will discuss some important things to keep in mind while buying toilet paper online or in store. 

Beware of Chlorine

If your buying criteria involves choosing the whitest paper possible, then stop right away. You ask why? Well, because chlorine bleach is used to give toilet paper that white and plush appearance. While it may look good, the truth is, this kind of paper tends to cause irritation and infections. 

It produces toxins that can easily enter our bloodstream through skin and accumulate in our bodies. The naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies cannot break down these chemicals hence, creating a dangerous health situation. 

Septic Safe

Clogged plumbing system in the toilet is a horrible nightmare nobody wants to deal with. Not only does it leave you with a non working bathroom but with huge plumbing bills as well at times. Poor quality toilet paper could be the culprit here. 

Toilet paper that doesn’t disintegrate quickly and efficiently leads to clogs and frustration that follows. So, it’s better to opt for a toilet paper that is quickly flushable.

Matter of Ply

Ply refers to the number of layers of paper in a roll. It typically ranges from 1 to 3. Typically, most customers convince themselves that 3 ply toilet paper is superior since it will be thicker and hence more absorbent. However, it’s important to consider how thick or thin each ply is. If the layers are too thin, it’s better to go with 2 or 3 ply options, but if the plies are thicker then even 1 or 2 ply toilet paper makes a better choice. 

Ease of Tearing

Convenience and ease of use is always a priority in choosing products, even toilet papers. Besides, ease of tearing the toilet paper also determines its quality. If the paper tears too easily it might also crumble quickly on getting in contact with water. At the same time, if the paper is too thick it won’t tear easy or disintegrate quickly when flushed. Quality toilet paper has optimum thickness that allows you quick one-handed tears.

Know how Long it Lasts 

Toilet paper rolls vary in sizes. Each comes with a different amount of sheets and that directly affects how long a roll is going to last and of course the price. In addition to the number of sheets, the size of each sheet also varies from brand to brand. It’s important to mention here that size matters when it comes to toilet papers if you want a sanitary and safe application.

Wonder why we are telling you this? Well, the difference in the number of sheets per roll and their sizes can add up to a 20% variance on the amount of toilet paper that you actually get. So, look for bigger rolls with right sized sheets.

Green Features

We are all well aware of the fact where toilet paper comes from - the forests. Majority of toilet paper brands marketed in the United States are manufactured using the wood from the Canadian boreal forest, which is one of the most climate-critical ecosystems on earth. 

The environmental impact of toilet papers doesn’t just limit to tree-cutting. Most of the toilet papers are processed with several harmful chemicals and toxins that are neither safe for us or for the environment. 

For conscious consumers it’s important to understand that wasteful use of toilet paper is creating a devastating impact on the climate. Hence, it’s crucial to look for green features while choosing your toilet paper brand.

Bonus Point: Best Toilet Paper for You and the Environment

Not many things come into contact with our nether regions on a day to day basis such as toilet paper. Therefore, it’s essential to choose wisely to have a better bathroom experience. 

Give sustainable bamboo toilet papers a fair chance. Bamboo materials are not only soft, strong and absorbent, but biodegradable as well.

Our eco-friendly bamboo toilet papers are gentle on your skin and yet strong enough for a clean wipe. These 3-ply rolls are super absorbent as well, besides being septic tank friendly. What’s more, we do not process our bamboo toilet paper with dyes, scents or BPA so you can get the complete benefit of bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties. 

Basically, our bamboo toilet paper checks all the boxes and makes your derrière happy.