Bamboo toilet paper: The new luxury choice for the environmentally conscious consumer

Bamboo toilet paper: The new luxury choice for the environmentally conscious consumer

When you look for toilet paper, you want a tissue that is both gentle to your skin and kind for the environment.

But neither virgin not recycled toilet paper offer this dual benefit.

The good news is that there is a new a trend growing fast (literally!): Bamboo toilet paper.

Let’s find out why it’s a green yet luxurious alternative for your rolls stock.

Wiping me softly

While virgin toilet tissue is very soft, it requires heavy bleaching and damages the environment.

As for recycled paper, this is no doubt an eco-friendly option.

But there’s a delicate problem. It’s not so delicate.

Recycled paper has got shorter fibres than bamboo tissue, thus resulting rougher to the skin.

On the other hand, bamboo fibres are softer than cotton, with a texture comparable to a lush fusion of cashmere and silk.

We may be a bit biased, but Treehugger agrees with us. The renowned environmental blog rated bamboo toilet paper as the softest and most eco-friendly toilet tissue out of all rolls examined. 

The true cost of a luxurious feel

Let’s be honest. Luxury has got a price.

And that’s true for toilet paper as well.

We know that cost is a key factor for consumers. That’s why we’re sharing further details unrolling the full picture beyond the price tag

he first thing to check is whether your bamboo toilet paper is made in USA .


To begin with, by buying American bath tissues you support the local economy. Plus, rolls produced in the US will travel less miles before entering your bathroom, thus having a lower carbon footprint.

On top of that, you’ll save money. And that’s because imported good are taxed and therefore more expensive.

When you compare toilet roll prices , virgin toilet paper would be the one to go for…if you don’t care about the planet.

However, bamboo toilet paper should be on top of eco-minded consumers’ shopping list. Doing so, you can preserve our forests and wildlife. To add to that, you don’t contribute to displace Indigenous communities from their land.

Not to mention the use of chemicals. While recycled paper rolls cost pretty much the same as bamboo tissues, they come with an unpleasant surprise: bisphenol-A (BPA).

When wiping, you’ll come into contact with this chemical, which can play around with your hormones. Also, when you flush recycled toilet paper down your drain, BPA will enter the waterways. Here it could be ingested by aquatic animals, causing them severe health problems.

And of course, a truly eco-friendly toilet paper would have some environmental certifications. While these add a premium to the price, their value is inestimable for the Earth.

For bamboo toilet tissue, you want to look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp, which is the gold standard. This will tell you the raw bamboo was sourced without destroying forests, affecting pandas or stealing land off native communities.

While it’s not as rigorous as the FSC, bamboo toilet paper may be also certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Finally, when you buy regular or recycled toilet paper, you may need to puff up their price with a plumbing fee.

How come?

Because, unlike bamboo rolls, those types of tissues dissolve much slower and may clog your toilet.

Rather, Sheet Glory aims to offer the most biodegradable toilet paper in the UK , US, and Australia.

So, you may agree that bamboo toilet paper is not so expensive in the end.

And we’ll tell you more. You can buy our bamboo toilet paper in bulk , which will be even more convenient for you. With our 24-roll package, you’ll stock up on eco toilet tissue while saving money and time


Until a few years ago, environmentally conscious consumers didn’t have much choice when browsing the toilet paper aisle.

But now the world of toilet tissue is rolling differently.

With bamboo toilet paper spreading across stores and online shelves, luxury is no longer at odds with sustainability.