Are Bamboo Paper Towels Eco-Friendly? Let’s Find out

Are Bamboo Paper Towels Eco-Friendly? Let’s Find out

If you think towels made of paper are bad, the disposable ones are even worse. And, when you put them together, they are a major hazard to the environment.

Bamboo Paper Towels

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This means the towels lying around our house all day are not at all as innocent as they might appear to be. They are nature’s enemy, contributing to global warming, deforestation, and a waste problem. That is when bamboo paper towels come into action.

They qualify to be the ultimate solution and will help you live a greener life while combating waste to the minimum.

If you are on the lookout for a towel that is soft and fits your needs, wants, and budget, there is nothing better than bamboo towels. These towels are gaining popularity with each passing second.

And, as we’ve already established, these towels are quite eco-friendly. However, here are a few questions that might arise when it comes to their credibility. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. How are Bamboo Towels Manufactured?

The process of paper towels manufacturing is exactly the same as that of regular paper towels. The difference lies in what they are made from. As evinced by the name these towels are made from bamboo.

As bamboo can’t be used in its natural state, it has to undergo a certain amount of processing. After the bamboo is harvested, it is broken down into small pieces. They are then put into a machine along with chemicals.

Heating the chips with chemicals tends to separate the bamboo fibers from other substances found in the plant and turns the fibers into pulp. The derived pulp is then cleaned and whitened with the help of bleach.

It is then run through several machines that bond the pulp together, flatten it out and dry.

2. Are Bamboo Paper Towels Really Sustainable? 

Yes, bamboo paper towels are sustainable as bamboo is a renewable resource that is very fast-growing. This is undeniably one of the most significant benefits of using bamboo paper towels. Other plants do not grow as quickly as bamboo and can lead to extensive deforestation in order to keep up with the demand.

3. Are They As Eco-Friendly As One Might Portray? 

Reusable bamboo paper towels are quite eco-friendly if you focus on what the paper towels are made of as well as their disposal. And, if bamboo is grown the right way, you have nothing to worry about the towels’ credibility.

The best thing about bamboo is that it can be grown without fertilizers and pesticides. It has the potential to be grown in an eco-friendly manner.

4. Can Bamboo Towels Be Biodegraded? 

Yes. They are absolutely biodegradable as they don’t contain any dyes that could harm the environment. If bamboo paper towels get thrown away, they are most likely to biodegrade over time.

Sure, they are biodegradable, but the process has a few limitations. For instance, the rate of biodegradation can be quite slow. And, as the towels will biodegrade anaerobically in a landfill, releasing methane into the air, this process is not as eco-friendly as you might believe.

Bamboo Towels

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5. Are Bamboo Paper Towels Better Than Ordinary Paper Towels? 

There is no denying the fact that bamboo towels are much better than regular ones. And we can prove it to you in no time. As bamboo does not only grow faster than other trees, it also can regenerate on its own.

Not only that, bamboo can also be continuously harvested after every few years without you having to cut down the entire plant. The trees that are used to make paper towels are completely cut down to get wood from them.

And then they take up to 30 years to be completely relented before the wood can be harvested again. If we talk about the disposal, both the towels are similar as both are biodegradable.

6. Are Bamboo Paper Towels Compostable?

Of course. And, it is undeniably one of the most eco-friendly ways to dispose of them. However, there are a few measures you must take while composting them. You must make sure they are not soiled with anything that can harm your compost.

This way is much more friendly than throwing them away in a landfill, as long as you only compost towels that are soiled with food or something organic.

7. Can you Flush Bamboo Paper Towels? 

You might find this surprising but while you can easily flush toilet paper made from bamboo, you cannot flush bamboo paper towels. The main reason for this discrepancy is that toilet paper is made in a way that makes it break down easily.

Paper towels are much more difficult to break down and can clog up the sewage system.

8. What are the Most Common Ways to Dispose of Paper Towels? 

You have two options to dispose of bamboo paper towels. You can always throw them away but it is not at all an eco-friendly way.

You can compost them as well. And, it is the most eco-friendly disposal method as long as the towels are not soiled with chemicals. You must use them as much as you can before you throw the bamboo paper towels away.

The Bottom Line

Bamboo towels are everything you’ve been looking for since forever. From being hypoallergenic to easily disposable, there is nothing these towels cannot do.

Due to the fact that bamboo can grow quickly and that too without the use of pesticides, you will never find a more eco-friendly alternative than this.

And, the best part? These eco-friendly paper towels are not a one-time-use product as they are reusable to the greatest extent.

So, you can now make the switch without letting the guilt of harming the environment. NAd if you need any assistance, you can get in touch with us.