5 Reasons Why A Kitchen Paper Towel Is Better Than The Rest

5 Reasons Why A Kitchen Paper Towel Is Better Than The Rest

When thinking about kitchen paper, nothing special comes to mind, right?

Well, after reading this post, you won’t look at a kitchen roll the same way ever again.

Here are 5 key things that makes it stand out from its competitors.

1. Greener than tree-greedy rolls

Standard kitchen rolls are made of virgin paper. In other words, trees. 

Whenever you buy those, you sign up for a “tree-to-toilet” model. 

If that doesn’t sound good, it’s because it ain’t.

Big Paper is clear-cutting the Canadian boreal forest and other green areas around the world. 

This has catastrophic consequences as we’re losing powerful weapons against climate change.

However, you can still make the most out of your kitchen paper while being kind to the environment.


For instance, recycled paper towels would drive down your environmental impact. For each tonne of paper that gets recycled, you’ll save 3 yd3 of landfill space, 30,000 L of water and up to 4,000 kWh of electricity. 

However, if you want to aim for the sustainable stars, you should switch to tree-free towels. 

Like forest-friendly bamboo kitchen rolls.

Why’s that?

First, because bamboo is grass, not a tree. Plus, it grows much faster than trees with no need of fertilizers and drinking 30% less water. And finally, it regenerates itself.

As you can see, when it comes to sustainability, bamboo kitchen paper knocks out all other rivals.

2. Safer than reusable cloth

Reusing is one of the circular economy principles and you should go for it whenever you can.

But that doesn’t quite work in this case.

You probably heard about reusable cloths, right?

While they’re great to reduce waste, health & safety is not their forte.

How come?

Well, let’s put it like this. If you want to throw a “viral” party at your place, just toss around a reusable cloth. That’s where all germs hang around. 

WARNING: please don’t do it, you’ll spread bacteria all over your house!

So, if you want to have fun without compromising your health, you should go for single-use kitchen paper. 

And that’s even more so when choosing bamboo kitchen rolls. 

That’s because bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties could sometimes be retained by the paper towel. 

Instead, you should stay away from recycled kitchen paper, where lots of dangerous germs may hide.

P.S.: if you’re concerned about waste production, there are ways to reduce your single-use paper towels consumption. To add to that, you can chuck disposable kitchen paper rolls in your compost bin to boost your home-made organic fertilizer.

3. More water-friendly than cotton napkins

Cotton napkins look elegant & feel soft, right?

But they come at a high price. And we’re not just talking about dollars but gallons as well.

Besides guzzling lots of chemicals, the cotton crop has an incredible thirst for water. Especially if it’s not certified organic.

Using cotton to make napkins means consuming nearly twice as much water as that needed by paper ones.

Why should you be bothered by that?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said two third of the world population may struggle with water supply by 2025.

And, unfortunately, many people are already in deep water. For instance, the US government is turning off the tap in some southwestern states from 2022.

This is pretty bad, yet global warming will make it even worse with longer dry spells.

We know, that sounds awful. Anyway, stop padding your watery eyes with cotton napkins and switch to paper towels.

4. Plastic-free (unlike microfibers cloths)

You know those colourful fluffy cloths hanging out from your sink?

They’re made of plastic!

What’s even worse is that most of the times you can’t recycle them. Not to mention that only 9% of the plastic world production gets actually recycled.

But even if you were to reuse them, you wouldn’t save the environment from their plastic pollution.

That’s because whenever you wash them, they’ll release plastic microfibers.

Why’s that an issue?

The microplastics will travel through your drains and make their way to the ocean. Here, fish and wildlife feast on them and eventually you may have them for dinner too.

And if you’re thinking to go for wet wipes, think again! They’re a plastic nightmare.

So, forget about them and stick with paper towels. 

We’ll tell you more. When you order Sheet Glory bamboo kitchen rolls, even the packaging is plastic-free!

P.S.: You need to burn fossil fuels to make any kind of plastic product. As you can imagine, that’s not a good deal for our planet. More on this below…

5. More climate-friendly than linen napkins

We agree that linen tissues are a fancy treat beneath your guests’ cocktail glasses. 

But, hey, no more planet, no more drinks!

Yes, because making a linen napkin emits 10 times more CO2 compared to a paper one. 

And that’s not considering the extra carbon footprint of washing and drying the flax-derived towel.

Just stop fuelling climate change and use a piece of kitchen paper towel as a glass coaster. Don’t worry, they can absorb spillages very well.

You’ll enjoy a low-carbon guilt-free drink without hurting the Earth. 

Next time you invite someone over for dinner, say cheers to kitchen paper rolls and boo to linen cocktail napkins.


Guess kitchen paper towel sounds like a no-brainer now, yeah?

Remember these 5 reasons next time you’re in the shop.

Plastic-free, more sustainable, and safer. A (tree-free) cut above the rest.