5 Reasons to Use Bamboo Paper towels in the Kitchen

5 Reasons to Use Bamboo Paper towels in the Kitchen

Bamboo is an essential part of the ecosystem and for a very long time, it has been used all around Asia for various purposes like cooking, transportation, and even construction. 

Despite that, it has somewhere been neglected and not used to its fullest capacity. Instead scarce natural resources like wood are being used which is only leading to deforestation. 

Bamboo’s production is 3.23 million tones per annum and thus is considered a good source of kitchen towel roll production in many parts of the world.

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About Bamboo Paper Towels

The use of paper towels is a great substitute for actual towels and is useful in removing any spills, stains that may spoil your kitchen, wiping greasy hands, absorbing extra oil from food, and cleaning the kitchen platform. 

However, there also comes a responsibility when using paper towels. If you are using one made of paper, it will only lead to more pollution once disposed. Plus it takes  hundreds of years to biodegrade. 

This is where bamboo kitchen paper comes in.

The bamboo kitchen paper is made from bamboo and other eco-friendly materials like sugarcane and cornstarch. It is undoubtedly the best alternative for wooden or cotton ones. Not just that, it has better absorption features and is also reusable, which is why you should buy a kitchen roll made of bamboo.  

There is not one but five reasons why you should use bamboo paper towels.

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1. It is biodegradable

One of the greatest selling points of bamboo is that it creates biodegradable kitchen roll.  

Bamboo paper towels are one step ahead because they are created by mixing natural components like sugarcane and cornstarch and last for a couple of weeks. 

The decomposition of bamboo paper towels does no harm the environment. Once thrown away after use, it is broken down by the sun and microorganisms, by which no trash is created.

2. It helps you save money

Most people avoid the use of any organic and natural products because most of them are on the expensive side. However, that is not the case with bamboo towels. Apart from being all-natural, they are also reusable and have a longer life span as compared to cotton paper towels.

Bamboo-based kitchen towels can always be washed and reused as compared to paper towels that become soggy when they come in contact with water. They are not water absorbent like bamboo towels and thus their life span is much shorter. 

Bamboo paper towels, on the other hand, last for a couple of weeks thus you will not have to purchase them time and again. 

3. Bamboo is not scarce

Bamboo is not a scarce natural resource. It grows very quickly. It regenerates itself every three months. Yes, you heard that right. It just takes 3 months for a bamboo tree to grow back which is much quicker than any other tree which takes decades to grow. 

Also, it regenerates itself and thus there is no need to replant bamboo. Thus using bamboo is not harming the environment in any way. You can use the bamboo tree to it’s maximum capacity to produce kitchen paper towels that are environmentally friendly and without the guilt of destroying nature.

4. Bamboo saves water  

One of the other reasons to use bamboo towels is that it saves water. The bamboo tree does not require gallons of water, unlike other trees to survive and flourish to its fullest. Bamboo trees intake more carbon dioxide than other trees and in turn, also produce a greater quantity of oxygen. 

Apart from trees, water is another scarce resource and thus it is important to preserve water as well and increase the usage of such resources which help conserve green life and water.

The bamboo tree fits this category perfectly and thus it is only clever of us if we start using not just bamboo kitchen towels but any product which is created using bamboo because it plays a key role in saving natural resources.

5. No chemicals 

The bamboo tree has the goodness of nature and thus it is much safer to use bamboo paper in the kitchen where it will come in contact with the food you’re preparing for your family.  

Bamboo is resistant to various climatic conditions, diseases, and rats and thus it is safe for you and your family’s health which is not the case with cotton and wood-based paper towels. 

Thus it will not be wrong to say that not only bamboo paper towels are environmentally friendly but also safe to use with non-toxic ingredients in them.

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The concept of bamboo paper towels is not new on the market and still, a lot of awareness is required to be made. However, it is something that most people would want to use.  Replace the paper towels with bamboo kitchen paper and make your home a safer and eco-friendly place.

You can always get the best quality kitchen towels online. They are not just environmental- friendly but also durable, they can be washed and reused many times and last for a couple of weeks or even more.

So, wait no more. Choose an organic and eco-friendly option and get bamboo kitchen towels today. We at sheet glory offer free shipping on orders over $30. Hurry!