10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Kitchen Paper Handy

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Kitchen Paper Handy

Kitchen paper is a multipurpose gadget you always want to have in your tool kit(chen).

If you think you can use it just for cleaning, think again, grab your handy roll and put it next to you. 

You’re about to find out the true potential of kitchen paper.

1.The good old cleaning

While it’s an obvious one, it’s typical that you can’t find anything to clean yourself with when you need it the most.

Perhaps you’ve made a mess of yourself while having your favourite burger or pizza (because you’ve got to eat pizza with your hands) and you wish you had something to wipe away the dirt off your face.

That’s when kitchen paper comes handy. 

And of course, it’s not just about cleaning yourself, but also your dinner table or whatever else you soiled.

Pro tip: gently brushing mushrooms with kitchen paper is a clever way to clean them without using any water. Doing so, you won’t ruin their flavour.

2. Absorbing spillages

Sometimes you may get carried away with water while washing the dishes. Or perhaps you spill something while cooking.

Although these things happen, you want to make sure to dry the floor as soon as possible. Someone else may storm in the kitchen and slip on it.

But don’t you worry. Just look around for your kitchen paper and grab as many sheets as you need to soak everything up. 

What if you can’t find it?

Bamboo dish cloths may also help.

In case you’re handling reusable bamboo paper towels, which are more absorbent than single-use kitchen paper, one of them should be enough to take up a relatively large spill.

3. Preserving groceries

Wasting food is a slap in the face of poverty and a kick in the butt to the Earth.

Yet, kitchen paper is coming to the rescue. 


For instance, you can wrap leafy veggies in dry kitchen paper before putting them into the fridge. The paper towel will absorb the extra moisture so that your greens won’t wilt. Also, if you want your lettuce to remain crisp for longer, you can place a dampened kitchen towel inside its bag. Doing so, the paper will prevent it from drying out.

And this trick also works to keep your bread fresh after freezing. 

Just stick some kitchen paper towel in the freezing bag. This will wick the extra moisture so that your thawed loaf won’t be soggy. 

4. Food packaging

We can see you in your kitchen rushing to prep a sandwich for your lunch break or perhaps for your kids.

But if you fill it with acidic food like tomatoes or beetroot, using aluminium wrap may be a risky option.

Rather, make sure to have our bamboo kitchen paper towels around. Being food grade-certified and naturally antibacterial, it would do a great job to keep your on-the-go sandwiches tasty and healthy. 

And you’ll have a napkin as a bonus (see point 1!).

5. Enhancing your compost 


Yep. Paper is organic and you should not throw it in the general waste bin.

Once you used it, you can add it to your kitchen or garden composter. Being high in carbon, it will increase the so-called brown compost, which balances the green fraction.

Yet, you don’t want any toxic chemicals ending up in your compost. So, on the safe side, we wouldn’t recommend kitchen towel made from recycled paper as it contains bisphenol-A (BPA).

Instead, bamboo kitchen paper is BPA-free.

Also, as bamboo paper is super soft and fluffy, it will create some air pockets within your compost pile. This will boost bacteria growth, thus converting your food scraps into fertilizer much faster.

6. Crafting home-made filters 

When you make a broth out of fatty meat like lamb or beef, you may want to skim the grease forming at the top.

You can set up a rudimental filtration plant in your kitchen to remove it.

Just place a pot in the sink and put a colander in it. Then line the colander with a sheet of kitchen towel (your handy filter!).

Now you’re ready to pour your broth into the filtration unit. While your meat will pile up in the colander, the grease will go through and get absorbed by the kitchen paper.

Once the fat has cooled down, collect your greasy paper and chuck it into your compost bin (see point 5).

Applying the same principle, you can use kitchen paper to filter your coffee or strain the pulp out of your juice.

7. Boosting seeds germination 

This is a colourful one for green thumbs. Or perhaps for someone who is not.

You may fancy having a vegetable garden but don’t have a clue about seeds.

Fear not as we’ve got a trick to give a push to Mother Nature. No need to be an experienced gardener.

After tearing a sheet of kitchen paper in half, spray some water on one of the halves and lay your seeds on it. Then cover them with the dry paper towel half.

Store the wrapped seeds in a reusable bag or glass container and leave it at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

By retaining heat and moisture, the kitchen paper will work as a mini greenhouse and your seeds should sprout in about five to seven days.

This is a handy test to know whether your seeds will do their job without even planting them. Which is a big plus if you’ve got much space available.

8. Saving on pans

Your pans and pots are essential tools for your cooking. And good quality ones are expensive too.

So, you want to make sure to keep them clean and scratch-free.

Kitchen paper is perfect for this purpose. 

First, they will absorb any residual moisture so that your pans won’t rust. Secondly, by placing kitchen towel in between pans before storing them, you’ll prevent them from getting scratched.

9. Preventing microwave splatters

We’ve all been there. Microwaves are extremely convenient to warm up leftovers but they’re quite powerful and make food splatter around (that’s so true if you heat up soups, bacon or eggs!).

This is very annoying as you waste food and you’ve got some painful scrubbing to do.

The solution to this?

You guessed it!

Just drape a layer of kitchen paper over your cold meal. 

10. Making DIY wet wipes

Standard wet wipes contain plastic and are not recyclable. 

But they’re so handy…

Well, bamboo kitchen towel is even handier while being far greener than conventional wipes.

Besides having natural antibacterial properties, bamboo kitchen paper is plastic-free and degrades very fast. Even if it was to end up in your toilet by any chance, it wouldn’t clog your drain. 

Instead, you should never throw conventional wipes in your toilet as they’re not flushable!

Anyway, there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing how to make kitchen paper wipes.  

It’s super easy and you’ll save money and the environment.


Right. We bet you feel more powerful now with your kitchen paper roll within reach.

While making your home more eco-friendly, kitchen bamboo towels will make your life easier.

Hope you learned new ways to make the most out of this versatile item.

By the way, if we’ve missed out any frugal tips, just hit the comment button below and we’ll update our list!