10 Kitchen Roll Uses You Didn't Know About

10 Kitchen Roll Uses You Didn't Know About

Ask a germaphobe how important are paper towels and you will realize that it would be the best gift they’d ever receive. No, we are not kidding! That’s true. 

Kitchen paper towels come to the rescue every time you spot something dirty or you touch something unhygienic.        

But do you know, kitchen paper deserves more credit than this, since it can be used in ways you might have never thought of? 

Intrigued?  Until now, you, perhaps, used paper towels for cleaning oil-laden utensils or spills. Let us see some more versatile uses of them. 

1) Get rid of grease from your food

We all try to minimize our fat consumption in our daily diet. Don’t we? So why not put kitchen rolls to use? 

You often notice fat surfacing on top of soups or broth. All you have to do is- put a sieve in the pot and keep it in the sink. Place a paper towel in the sieve. Now, pour the soup or broth through the sieve into the pot. 

Voila! The broth that pours into the pot is cleaner and fat-free because the fat stays in the towel. Isn’t that a cool hack?

2) Get a silk-free fresh corn without much effort

Who likes picking silk off from the ears of corn? Literally no one, right? Well, with this paper towel trick, you will never have to. 


Just run a dampened towel through the entire length of the corn. The towel will separate the silk from the corn which is now ready to be boiled or grilled- any way you like it!  

3) Protect your shelves from the stubborn oil drips

Oil rings on kitchen shelves and cabinets are not only unpleasant to see, but also create a lot of mess. They make the surface hard to clean and often end up accumulating dirt. 

This is usually caused by the oil drips from the bottles. But thanks to paper towels, that can be prevented. Fold a paper towel, wrap it around the oil container/bottle and secure it with a rubber band. 

The oil that drips down the sides will be absorbed by the towel. Also, the bottle will not feel greasy and will be easy to hold.  

4) A moist kitchen paper towel helps when cooking in a microwave  

The secret to this lies in the working of the microwave. When you heat or cook food in the microwave, the water molecules in your food are agitated and turn into steam. If the food is cooked for too long or the steam is released too quickly, it can make your food rubbery. 

Placing a moist paper towel on top of the food container, will make sure your food comes out perfect. Hence, you get to eat good food, every time!

5) Store veggies and herbs with quality retained

It is not advisable to cut and store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator since it leads to loss of important vitamins. 

So how can you store them as a whole and keep them fresh for long? 

You guessed it right! 

Store herbs and veggies

Store herbs and veggies wrapped in paper towels. They help in maintaining adequate moisture levels and prevent dampness. This keeps everything as good as new for a longer period of time.

6) Use them in your compost

Paper towels can do wonders even when they are a waste. Want to know how? 

Do not dispose of the used paper towels in a dustbin. There is a better disposal method for them. Adding them to a compost pit will maintain the carbon balance in the compost. 

And since paper towels are fluffy in nature, this promotes the growth of good microorganisms. Now isn’t that an eco-friendly option? 

If you are still concerned about the environment-safety, you must read why going for kitchen paper rolls is a better option than a normal cloth

7) You don’t need a salad spinner when you have a paper towel

salad spinner

Because a container lined with a layer of paper towels does the same thing. Shake your veggies and greens after washing them. Then place them in the towel-lined container. 

Rotate them with your hands and let them drip-dry. Your salad is ready for garnishing!

8) Paper towels make steaks taste better


Ever noticed that most recipe books instruct the cooks to blot meat dry before they proceed with the further steps. That is because if the meat has a dry surface, it will form a delicious, flavourful crust. 

So, how do you blot the meat? Get those paper towels out and start using them right away to notice a difference this time you prepare the steak. 

9) Clean a can opener in a jiffy

The cutting wheel of the can opener can get slimy sometimes. Obviously you do not want to contaminate your cans with the dirt stuck there. 

So what do you do? Simply open the paper towel with the can opener. Close the handles on the edge of the paper and turn the crank. This will clean the can opener in an instant. 

10)  Prevent grease stains on your sewing projects

So you tune up your sewing machine but just as you start it, you leave a grease stain on the cloth. If this isn’t heartbreaking then what is? 

A paper towel can prevent this little heartbreak in 2 minutes. Thread the machine and stitch a few lines on the towel first. This will clean the residual dirt and will keep the clothes safe from grease stains. 


The uses of a kitchen roll are innumerous. 

And they are not limited to just your kitchen. You can be as innovative as you want to be when it comes to using them. 

Once you get used to reusable bamboo paper towels there is no coming back. They come in handy in whatever situation of mess or trouble you are in. 

Also, you do your environment a favour when you choose them over a regular kitchen cloth.